Greenware Rate Sheet

Ad Size Dimensions (inches)
Regular Price
Sponsor Price
Full Page 7.5” W x 10” H
Half Page (horizontal) 7.5” W x 4.875” H
Half Page (vertical) 3.667” W x 10” H
Quarter Page 3.667” W x 4.875” H

We can accept most file formats, including TIFF, JPEG, Illustrator and Quark. We can also scan your correctly sized, camera-ready ads. Note that we are unable to accept color ads. We can, however, accept your pre-printed color inserts - contact us to discuss your requirements.



Advertising and Press Deadlines
March Issue   Feb 12
June Issue   May 14
September Issue   Aug 13
December Issue   Nov 19

Advertising rates and press deadlines subject to change.