Advertisement and Announcement Guidelines

This document provides guidelines on what constitutes an advertisement, how it is posted and charged, and exemptions, as well as policies for news announcements.

Guidelines published by the OVCAG Publications Group in March, 2011

OVCAG News Publication Vehicles

OVCAG has two primary news publications. The OVCAG website is a complement to these publications.


Definition of “advertisement”

An advertisement is a detailed description for some item or activity that generates income for the person or business requesting its placement.  It is not necessarily date-driven.  Examples of ads: item for sale, service for sale, specific workshop or class information, new offerings at a studio, or a business opportunity.   Advertisements are PAID (but see “Exemptions,” below).

Policy for the treatment of advertisements in Greenware and the Blast

The Communications Group has proposed a policy shift that will allow the two publications to handle ads differently:

Advertising Exemptions


Definition of “announcement”:  An announcement is any date-driven item; its primary purpose is news that benefits our readership.   Examples of announcements: field trips, speaker events, meetings, OVCAG website alerts, pointers to upcoming workshops and classes, clay-related shows and sales, updates to events, non-profit news items.  Announcements are FREE.

Members’ News Items
A personal news item provided by any OVCAG member regarding participation in exhibitions, open studio sales, recent awards, etc., is considered an announcement and is welcomed for publication.  However, we want to begin encouraging members with significant announcements to take advantage of using their online artist pages to post their detailed information. Our proposal for personal announcements is to also follow the “Twitter treatment” and post up to 140 characters.  If the member’s news item exceeds this limit, we will include a link to the full text of the member’s information on his or her artist page.  We are striving for an appropriate balance of our member’s news with the broader group news items.