Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

History of the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

The Story of OVCAG

The Beginning

On February 3rd, 2000 seven people attended a "get-together" at Abby O'Connell's house. Avid potters, their dream was to form an association that would, one day, have its own fully equipped studio where potters could gather and work together.

Our Founders

Abby O'Connell
Phil Conoly
Brenda Chin
Sue Vincent
Zea & Pete Melton
Irene Jenkins

The Plan

Their meeting resulted in an ambitious plan that covered every aspect of their visions - from location, equipment and by-laws to a resident cat.

The Results

Over the next 10 years, interest in the project grew until today there are 143 members. Meetings were held at their homes until the group's continuing expansion required moves to Sun Vincent's Sunnytrees Complex recreation room, Liz King's Community Meeting Room and Mother Earth. Today, the Sunnyvale Recreation Center accommodates members at our bi-monthly meetings.

With an eye toward building a nest egg for the studio, the Guild began holding workshops and sales. Open to the public, they provided revenue for the guild and its members as well as attracting new devotees.