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The Guild's library of books, videos, and materials are available for OVCAG members to borrow. Members can contact Gerry Tinder to request books (or e-mail library@ovcag.org). Gerry will bring the requested books to the General Meeting. The books will be due at the following General Meeting. Donations to the library are also welcome!

The OVCAG library is dedicated to the memory of Pat Newfarmer, and was originally made possible by the generous donation of the Newfarmer family.

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Books (click here for Videos & DVDs)

1997 NCECA Las Vegas Nevada Meeting Photos
2006 NCECA Portland Oregon 40th Annual Conference Portland Oregon Meeting
Adams, Edward B Korea's Pottery Heritage, Vol. II Korean collection
ACCA Clay & Glass Decorations
ACCA Clay & Glass Photos
American Crafts Council The Crafts Report Magazine
American Craft Enterprises The Buyers Book of American Craft Fifth edition of the Buyers Book
Andrews, Tim Raku Contemporary Work
Anderson, Bruce Clay Statements Australian Contemporary Ceramics
A.R.T. Catalog No. 15 Pottery Equipment
Artigas, J. Llorens Spanish Folk Ceramics Cultural testimony to this art
Asian Art Museum 500 Years of Korean Art May 1979-June 14 1981
Astill Ideas for presenting pottery Photos
Australian Nat'l Univ. Ceramics Technical Magazine
Bager, Bertel Nature As Designer Botanical Art Study
Baird, Daryl E. The Extruder Book Demonstrations
Ball, F. Carlton Decorating Pottery Decorating with clay, slip & glaze
Ball, F. Carlton Making Pottery Texture and form
Ball, F. Carlton Syllabus for Beginning Pottery Throwing processes, glazing & decorative techniques
Ball, F. Carlton Syllabus for Advanced Ceramics Learning about glazes
Beard, Geoffrey Modern Ceramics Pictorial
Beard, Peter Resist & Masking Techniques History and overview
Behrens, Richard Glaze Projects A formulary of leadless glazes
Bellaire, Marc Brush Decorations Getting started with the brush
Bellaire, Marc Underglaze Decoration Instructions
Berensohn, Paulus Finding One's Way With Clay Pinched pottery & the color of clay
Birks, Tony The Complete Potter's Companion Guide to pottery making
Birks, Tony The Complete Potter's Companion Revised and Updated
Birks, Tony Pottery A guide to pottery making techniques
Bitters, Stan Environmental Ceramics Landscaping
Bohrod, Aaron A Pottery Sketch Book Artist's storehouse of ideas
Brake, Brian The House On The Klong Thompson's Bangkok home & art collection
Branfman, Steven Raku A practical approach to Raku
Brodatz, Phil Textures A Photographic Album - 112 plates
Cameron, Julia The Artists Way Spiritual path to higher creativity
Cardew, Michael Pioneer Pottery Technical side of art pottery
Casson, Michael The Craft of the Potter Guide to making pottery
Ceramics Ireland Irish collection
Ceramics Art Exhibition Yxing, China 2005 Pictorial
Ceramics, Art and Perception Issue 50 Magazine
Ceramics, Art and Perception Issue 53 Magazine
Ceramics, Art and Perception Issue 65 Magazine
Ceramics Monthly Great Ideas for Potters 30 years of reader's suggestions
Chaney and Skee Plaster Mold & Model Making Plaster and how to use it
Chinese Institute of America Origins of Chinese Ceramics Classical Chinese art
Clark, Kenneth Pottery & Ceramics Practical pottery
Clark, Kenneth The Potters Manual Practical reference for potters
Clay Art International Year Book Pictorial
CM Handbook Ceramics Projects Projects for home and studio
CM Handbook Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques Collection of articles from CM
CM Handbook Potter's Wheel Projects Projects for classroom, home & studio
Coakes, Michelle Creative Pottery Step-by step guide
Colbeck, John The Pottery Technique of Throwing A detailed text on throwing and beyond
Coleman, Tom Glazes I Use Glaze formulas
Emanual Cooper & Derek Royle Glazes for the Studio Potter Practical Handbook
Coleman, Tom With A Little Help From My Friends Glazes, clays & ideas
Colson, Frank A. Kiln Buiulding with Space-Age Materials Instructional, kiln construction
Conrad, John W. Ceramic Extruder for the Studio Potter A variety of information on the extruder
Conrad, John W. Ceramic Formulas: The Complete Compendium Clay, Glaze, Enamel, Glass & their colors
Conrad, John W. Contemporary Ceramic Formulas Instructive
Cooper, Manuel The Potters Book of Glaze Recipes Glaze Recipes
Cosentino, Peter The Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques Step by step guide
Cosentino, Peter Creative Pottery Designing, making & decorating pottery
Counts, Charles Pottery Workshop A Study in the Making of Pottery from Idea to Finished Form
Coyne, John Book of Pottery Penland School of crafts
Craftsman Potters Assoc. Potters A guide to pottery training in Britain
Creber, Diane Crystalline Glazes Ceramics handbook
Crocker Art Museum Reality & Realism The ceramic art of Ah Leon
Culking, James R. Talking Pots Prehistoric Pottery Icons
Curtis, Anthony R. China Collectibles
Curtis, Anthony R. Everyday Collectibles, China Collections of China
Cushing, Val M. The Ceramics Design Book Gallery of Contemporary Work
Day, JoAnne C. Pennsylvania Dutch Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Dayan, Ruth with Feinberg, Wilburt Crafts of Israel Israel's craftsmanship in beautiful pictures
Dedera, Don Artistry in Clay Contemporary pottery of the Southwest
De Reihan, Mireille Agateware Pottery Magic Different approaches to marbling
Dickerson, John Pottery Making Complete Guide
Dormer, Peter The New Ceramics Trends and traditions
Edwards, Betty Drawing on the Artist Within The creative process.
Ellis, Mary Ceramics for Kids Creative clay projects to pinch, roll, coil, slam and twist
Encisco, Jorge Designs From Pre-Columbian Mexico 300 illustrations
Esperjel, Carlos Mexican Folk Ceramics Panoramic view of Mexican pottery
Excalibur Books Ceramics Throwing techniques & glazing
Fairbanks, Jonathan The Best of Pottery Pottery collection photos
Fina, Angela & Gustin Christopher The Best of Pottery Vol. II (200 works) Pottery selected from over 300 entries
Fisher, Nora Mud, Mirror and Thread The traditions of rural India
Ford, Betty Davenport Ceramic Sculpture Design and technique of an ancient craft
Fournier, Robert Ceramic Creations Pottery techniques
Fournier, Robert Illustrated Dictionary of Pottery Decoration Decorating pottery
Franck, Frederick Art as a Way Spiritual - Drawings
Freestone, Ian Pottery in the Making World ceramic traditions
Gale, John Teach Yourself Pottery Teach yourself pottery techniques from simple to advanced.
Gault, Rosette Paper Clay Paper & paper clay preparation
Gerard, Colin Practical Guide to Pottery Guide for the amateur potter
Gibson, John Contemporary Pottery Decoration Decorating pottery
Grafton, Carol Belanger Victorian Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Grebanier, Joseph Chinese Stoneware Glazes Stoneware Glazes
Green, Caroline Painting Ceramics Step-by-step crafts
Gregory, Ian Sculptural Ceramics History of clay figure work, technical information on clay and techniques.
Haeckel, Ernst Art Forms in Nature Natural forms - 100 plates
Hamer, Frank The Potters Dictionary Materials and techniques
Hars, Eva Ceramic Factory Pecs Historical
Hawley, W. M. Chinese Folk Design 300 cut paper designs
Herman, Lloyd American Porcelain New expressions in an Ancient Art
Hessenberg, Karin The Complete Potter Sawdust firing
Hluch, Kevin A. Contemporary American Pottery Form, function and line
Holfsted, Jolyon Ceramics Step by step instructional
Hood, Kenneth and Garnsey, Wanda. Australian Pottery Photographs
Hopper, Robin Functional Pottery Form & Aesthetics
Hopper, Robin Functional Pottery Techniques & Decorations
Hopper, Robin The Ceramic Spectrum Glazes and colors
Hopper Robin Ceramics Exploration Photos
Hopper Robin Making Marks Discovering the ceramic surface
Hopper, Robin Stayin Alive Survival Tactics
Hornung, Clarence Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs Stencil Masters
Howell, Frank The Craft of Pottery Fundamentals of pottery making
Hucko, Bruce Southwestern Indian Pottery Photography
Huggins, John The Complete Potter Pots for plants and gardens
Hunt, Bill 21st Century Ceramics Ceramic artists photos
Hurst, Jacqui Classic Crafts A practical compendium of traditional skills
Hynes, William G. Craft Business For those who want to turn a hobby into a business, as well as those wishing to improve sales
Ikebana Ikebana, Level 1 Pictorial
Ikenobo, Sen'ei The Book of Ikebana, Part 1 Instructive Flower Arranging
Ikenobo, Sen'ei The Book of Ikebana, Part 2 Instructive Flower Arranging
Imai, Masayuki Ceramic Art 1985 Montalvo Center for the Arts
Inglis, Stephen Masters of the Crafts Collection of fine crafts
Itabashi, Art Museum Fire and Earth Unique contemporary collection
Jacka, Jerry Pottery Treasures Southwest Indian art
Kao, Ban Thai Ceramics Through the Ages Expressions of generations
Kashos Ikebana Calendar
Kenny, John B. Pottery Making Complete book of pottery
Kenobo Ikebana Part 1 Pictorial
Kenobo Ikebana Part 2 Pictorial
Kepaziuth, Mapu Book of clay sculptures Clay sculpture photos
Knapper, Gerd Keramik Photos
Kriwanek, Franz F. Keramos The teaching of pottery
Lakofsky, Charles Pottery Studies in art series
Latka, Tom & Jean Ceramic Extruding Inspiration & Technique
Lane, Peter Ceramic Forms Elements involved in design
Lane, Peter Contemporary Porcelain Materials, techniques & expressions
Lane, Peter Studio Ceramics Work of 800 Potters
Lane, Peter Studio Porcelain Contemporary design & techniques
Lark Books 500 Teapots Photos
Lark Books Extruded Ceramics Techniques and Projects
Lark Ceramic Book 500 Bowls Photos
Lark Ceramic Book 500 Vases: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Form (500 Series) Photos
Lauria, Jo Color and Fire Defining moments in studio ceramics
Leach, Bernard A Potter's Book The classic work by Bernard Leach on studio pottery
Leach, Bernard The Potters Challenge Centuries of beautiful pottery
Lehner, Ernst Symbols Signs & Signets Pictorial 1350 illustrations
Leon, Ah Beyond Yixing The ceramic art of Ah Leon
Lomg, Lois Culver Ceramic Decoration Slips, engobes and glazes
Long, Steve and Cindy You Can Make Money From Your Arts and Crafts This book will show you how to market arts, crafts and other handmade products through whatever channel you choose - retail, wholesale or direct mail sales
Lovera, James Craters from Fire Pictorial
Lynggaard, Finn Pottery: Raku Technique Design, material, technique
Manners, Errol Ceramics source Book A visual guide
Mansfield, Janet Contemporary Ceramic Art In Australia & New Zealand
Mayhall, Yolanda The Sumi-E Book Japanese brush strokes
Medley, Margaret The Chinese Potter History of Chinese ceramics
Menten, Theodore Japanese Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Menten, Theodore Fish & Sea Live Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Min Chiu society The Anthology of Chinese Ceramics 5th festival of Asian arts
Mirow, Gregory A Treasury of Design for Artists/Craftsmen 725 paisleys, florals, geometrics, folk motifs
Monsen, R. Joseph A Decade of Ceramic Art 1962-1972 Photographs
Munsterberg, Jugo & Marjorie World Ceramics From prehistoric to modern times
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #10, 1976 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #7, 1973 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #17, 1983 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #18, 1984 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #19, 1985 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #20, 1986 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #23, #24, 1989-90 Museum publication
Museum of Art and Archaeology MVSE #26, 1992 Museum publication
Nagumo, Ryu Creative Ceramics Decorations, glazes & firing
Nance, John The Mud-Pie Dilemma A Master Potter's Struggle
Nance, John The Mud-Pie Dilemma (Second edition) A Master Potter's Struggle
National Endowment The Chinese Exhibition Archaeological finds
Nelson, Glenn C. Ceramics A Potters Handbook
Nelson, Glenn C. Ceramics (5th edition) A Potters Handbook
New York Museum of Modern Art How to Make Pottery & Ceramic Sculpture 20 graded projects
Nicholson, Bob Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups Instructional
Nigrosh, Leon I. Claywork Form and idea in ceramic design
Nigrosh, Leon I. Low Fire Other ways to work with clay
Nishikawa, Issotei Floral Art of Japan Pictorial
Noble, Joseph Veach The Techniques of Painted Attic Pottery Methods of the ancient Athenian potters
Olsen, Frederick L. The Kiln Book Materials and usage
Palmer, Arlene M. Chinese Export Porcelain A guide to porcelain
Pancioli, Diana Extruded Ceramics Techniques - Projects - Inspiration
Parks, Dennis A Potters Guide to Raw Glazing & Oil Firing Detailed instructions
Parmelee,Cullen W. Ceramic Glazes Glazes
Peck, Kristin Handmade Tiles Instructions
Perry, Barbara A. American Art Pottery Museum Collection
Perryman, Jane Smoke-Fired Pottery Introduction to smoke firing
Peterson, Susan The Craft and Art of Clay Fabrication methods
Peterson, Susan Wheels, Kilns and Clay Instructional
Peterson, Susan The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez Photographs
Philip, Leila The Road Through Miyama Memoir
Piepenburg, Robert Raku Pottery Raku techniques
Pitelka, Vince Clay, A Studio Handbook New concepts
Plowden, Celeste Wildflower Flowers Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Posey, Sarah Yemeni Pottery The Littlewood collection
Priolo, Joan B. Ceramics and How to Decorate Them Working with clay
Pucci, Cora Pottery A Basic Manual
Rawson, Philip Ceramics Techniques, symbolism of form
Reeve, John Book One Understanding glazes
Reina, Ruben E The Traditional Pottery of Guatemala The Texas Pan American Series
Rhodes, Daniel Clay & Glazes for the Potter Reference for students and potters
Rhodes, Daniel Clay & Glazes for the Potter, third edition Revised & expanded by Robin Hopper
Rhodes, Daniel Stoneware & Porcelain The art of high-fired pottery
Richards, M.C. Centering In pottery, poetry and the person
Riegger, Hal Raku Art & technique
Rogers, Mary On Pottery and Porcelain A handbuilder's approach
Ross, Judy Thompson Down to Earth Canadian potters at work
Rostovosky, Nina Lobanov Revolutionary Ceramics Soviet porcelain 1917-1927
Rothenberg, Polly The Complete Book of Ceramic Art Design, decoration, sculpture, raku, jewelry
Ruggiero, Joseph Found Objects Style & source book
Sanders, Herbert H. The World of Japenese Ceramics Asian arts, crafts & techniques
Sanford, Martha and Steve Sanfords Guide Collectors guide
Scheid, Karl & Ursula Germanisches National Museum Photos
Scrips College Paul Soldner A Retrospective
Sellers, Thomas Throwing on the Potters Wheel Fundamentals of throwing
Shafer, Thomas Pottery Decoration Techniques
Shafer, Thomas The Professional Potter Explore potters backgrounds
Shaw, J.C. Thai Ceramics Also Burmese & Khmer ceramics
Shaw, Robert America's Traditional Crafts Pottery, baskets, quilts, woodwork, decoys
Sibbett, Jr. Ed Snowflake Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Sibbett, Jr. Ed Floral Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Sibbett, Jr. Ed Bird Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Sibbett, Jr. Ed Decorative Cut & Use Stencils Stencil Masters
Slivka, Rose Peter Voulkos Illustrations
Smith, Alan Caiger Tin-Glaze Pottery Tradition of 1,000 years in Maiolica
Speight, Charlotte F. Hands in Clay An introduction to ceramics
A Sterling/Chapelle Book Painted Pots Bursting with blossoms crackled, striped and two-toned: you won't believe what you can do with some basic flowerpots, planters and other assorted containers
Studio Potter Studio Potter - Volume 15 Number 1
Studio Potter Studio Potter Volume 15 Number 2
Studio Potter Studio Potter Volume 16 Number 1
Sunset Book Ceramics Techniques & projects
Sunset Book Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture Elementary and advanced techniques
Sunset book Macrame Techniques and projects
Sweezy, Nancy Raised in Clay The Southern pottery tradition
Tarbox, Charlene Floral Stencil Designs Stencil Masters
Thomas, Brother Ceramics of Weston Priory Ceramics of Weston Priory
Tichane, Robert Ash Glazes Ash glazes - research theory and practice
Tichane, Robert Copper Red Glazes Producing elusive red glazes
Tichane, Robert Celadon Blues Re-create ancient Chinese celadon glazes
Tourist Library Floral Art of Japan Instructive
Trevor, Henry Pottery Step-by-Step With the aid of detailed demonstration photos, the author instructs the reader on every stage of pottery making
Trimble, Stephen Talking With The Clay The art of Pueblo pottery
Triplett, Kathy Handbuilt Tableware Make distinctive plates, bowls, mugs, teapots and more
Tuer, Andrew W. Japanese Stencil Designs 100 examples
Turner, Jacques Brushes A handbook for artists and artisans
Verneuil, M.P. Art Nouveau Floral Stencil Designs Collection of designs in color
Walter, Josie Brampton Pots in the Kitchen Exhibition
Warshaw, Josie The Practical Potter A step by step handbook
Watson, Oliver British Studio Pottery The Victoria & Albert Museum collection
Weiss, Gustav The Book of Porcelain Arts and Techniques
Wettlaufer, George & Nancy Getting into Pots Basic Pottery manual
Wilcox, Donald J. New Design in Ceramics A thorough study of Scandinavian potters and their craft.
Wildenhain, Marguerite The Invisible Source A Potters life and thoughts
Wildenhain, Marguerite Pottery Form and Expression Photo story
Williams, Geoffrey African Designs From traditional sources, 378 illustrations
Wilson, Lana Ceramics Shapes and Surfaces
Wilson, Lana Ceramics: Shape and Surface Handouts for potters
Wilson, Richard L. the Art of Ogata Kenzan Persona & production in Japanese ceramics
Woody, Elsbeth S. Handbuilding Ceramic Forms Forming vessels and sculptures
Woody, Elsbeth S. Pottery On The Wheel Throwing techniques
Ya, Homg Internationl Ceramic Art Exhibition Mastering Pictorial
Yohan's Ikebana Calendar Pictorial
Zakin, Richard Ceramics Mastering the Craft
Zakin, Richard Electric Kiln Ceramics A guide to clay and glazes
Zakin, Richard Hand-Formed Ceramics Creating form and surface
Zamek, Jeff What Every Potter Should Know Answers & solutions
Zorza, Rosemary Pottery, Creating with Clay Basic techniques for hand building & wheel

Video, DVD, and CDs (click here for Books and Magazines)

Art Smart Videos, Crystal Video Handbuilt Pottery Video
Associated Glass & Pottery MFG Pottery Vessels of Time Video
Bangert, Bruce Sculpture Workshop Video
Branfman, Steven Steven Branfman at Walnut Creek, raku workshop Video
Branfman, Steven Raku Workshop Video
Cartwright, Virginia
Tom Piker
Brother Thomas
Four Women in Clay
Teapots - 26 minutes
Dance of the Wheel - 28 min.
28 min.
28 min.
Bresnahan, Richard Clay Wood Fire Spirit Video
Chihuly Chihuly in the Hotshop DVD
Chinese Ceramics   Video
Color and Fire 50 min. Video
Coleman, Tom Slide Show (OVCAG) DVD
Coleman, Tom Workshop (OVCAG) Video 1 and 2 or DVD
Davis, Don Pottery Basics Starting to Throw Video
Davis, May and Harry
Potters in America
Ken Ferguson
49 min.
16 min.
36 min.
Doner, Kristin Fine Craft Marketing Video or DVD
Eleisa, Martin Pottery Basics 101 Video
Gault, Rosette Paper Clay Video
Geisinger, Bill Potters of Japan - Art of Nine Familes DVD
Goldsworthy, Andy 90 Minutes Video
Great American Craftsmen Vol. I Mochaware Video
Hamada (Susan Peterson)
Hamada K.
28 min.
Art of Potters - 50 min.
Japanese Potter - 45 min.
Hay, Graham Paper Clay Slide Show Talk
50 artists work discussed
Hay, Graham Paper Clay Workshop - 35 mins Video
Hay, Graham Paper Clay Introduction DVD
Hayes, Graham & Blom, John Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni DVD
The Hands of the Potter
Black Pottery of Nicaragua
Beyond Tradition
Southwest Indian Pottery
26 min.
20 min.
45 min.
47 min.
Hopper, Robin Hamada Glorious Mind - 55 min.
Art of the Potter - 50 min.
Hopper, Robin Form and Function, Disc one DVD 120 minutes -Functional pottery
Hopper, Robin Form and Function, Disc two DVD 105 minutes -Lids, spouts & handles
Hopper, Robin Making Marks - Pigments and Resists Video
Hutchens, Gordon Beginning Raku Video
Hutchens, Gordon Variations on Raku Video
Jebson, Stephen Making Large Pots Video
Jebson, Stephen
Moshiko Pottery Village
Big Pots - 80 min.
Susan Peterson - 27 min.
20 min.
Katz, Louis Traditional Thai Pottery Video
Korean Pottery
Potters at Work, Japan
Jim Gremel
India, Potters of Bindapor
Terra Cotta Horse

30 min.
5 min.
30 min.
30 min.
Leon, Ah Cabrillo Workshop 4/1/2000 Video
Lou, Nils On the Wheel DVD
MacKenzie, Warren   Video
Martell, Craig Craig Martell Workshop Video
Middleman, Lee Japan and Korea 2003 CD
Noguchi, Isamu
Dream Windows
55 min.
Japanese Gardens - 55 min.
Peterson, Susan Wheels, Kilns and Clay: Ceramic processes Video
Piker, Todd Dance of the Wheel Video
Piepenburg on Raku 32:15 min. Video
Plunder Thailand, Valley of the Kilns 1 hr.1 hr. Video
Potters of Hebron
Potters of Ecuador - Amazon
Harding Black
43 min.
27 min
33 min.
Potters of Japan
Shino Pottery
Living Treasures of Japan
Rikyu The Art of Tea, The Art of War - 116 min. Video
Romberg, Jim
Paul Soldner
Stefan Emmelman
75 min.
30 min.
17 min.
Roy, Ron Day 1 and 2 Glaze Workshop DVD
September Pit Firing CD with photos of Sept. 2003 pit firing CD photos
Seroussi, Lidia Toner Transfer on Clay Video - Methods of printing on clay
Sheehan, Graham Beginning Handbuilding Video
Sheehan, Graham Building Your Own Kiln Video
Sheu, Danny Throwing on the Potters Wheel (Workshop) Video
Sheu, Danny Throwing on the Potters Wheel (Workshop) Video
Special People
Beatrice Wood
Ma Ma of Da Da
28 min.
60 min.
30 min.
Takaezu, Toshiko
Sandra & Marilyn
50 min.
35 min.
Takaezu, Toshiko N.Y. State Council of the Arts Video
Takaezu, Toshiko Portrait of an Artist DVD
Takahashi, Wasa 1 hr. 10 min. Video
Turkey Tour Meli will be our guide Video
Turkey Sullyman, Topkapi Video
Turkey Pottery Tour I, Istanbul Kutahya, Konya Video & DVD
Turkey Pottery Tour II, Istanbul Kutahya, Konya Video & DVD
Turkey Pottery Tour, III Pamukkale-Izmir, 1 hr. 14 min. Video
Wallace, Gerry China Painting Workshop Video or DVD
Wilson, Lana Soft Slab Techniques -- 36.38 min. Video or DVD
Yokel, Fred OVCAG Slide Presentation DVD


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