The Paperclay Revolution: Techniques and Tips on Working with Paperclay

When: Saturday March 3rd, 2007, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday March 4th, 2007, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Where: Clay Planet [MAP]
1775 Russell Ave,
Santa Clara, CA
Price: By Dec 31st 2006
$145.00 for OVCAG members
$170.00 for non-members
After Dec 31st 2006
$165.00 for OVCAG members
$195.00 for non-members.
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Join OVCAG and the Workshop Committee, as we host Graham Hay, internationally known artist from Australia. Graham has won many international awards and will be attending NCECA this year in Louisville, KY.

Graham's art practice is based upon two simple things: Paper and clay. He creates and fires paperclay sculptures, and carves compressed paper sculptures. His ceramic paperclay work is an attempt to illustrate this on-going interest in the organization of the arts and crafts, and society. He is inspired by architecture and local plants, while trying to suggest the cycles, rigidities and dynamic nature of our society, and himself. To satisfy an overwhelming demand for information and images, he created his website. Last year it received about a million hits (55,000 unique visitors). He receives numerous requests for classes and workshops.

Topics and techniques covered in this workshop include both variations of traditional ceramic practices, as well as methods borrowed from woodwork, metal work, leatherwork, papermaking etc:

  • Making paperclay (percentages, paper and fibre types, types of clay, for fired and non-fired works),
  • Joining, wet to dry, dry to dry (dip'stick), "pourjoins", combinations (eg dipjoins), unfired to fired, lattice vertical and upside down building
  • Wet, dry, and combination casting, "overcasting", speed casting
  • Additions: pasta and other food clays, foamclay, woolclay, glueclay
  • Speed drying and firing aspects
  • Sculpturing and texture shortcuts, such as dryballs, feathering, etc
  • Implications for studio production and working methods.
  • The emerging aesthetics.
  • Customised slideshows of images selected from over 50 paperclay artists from around the world, to suit the interests and background of the workshop participants.
    • The workshop will be limited to 16 participants.