Workshop Policies


Registrations are not complete until the workshop chairman receives a signed copy of the registration form, and a check for the total amount of the workshop (including material fees, if any). Please allow adequate snail mail time!

Refund Policy

Providing workshops requires the Guild to commit funds, which are then covered by registration fees. Once the funds are commited, the registration fees can no longer be refunded, as they are needed to cover these expenses. The time frame varies from workshop to workshop depending on its requirements (for instance airline flights for out-of-area artists must be arranged well in advance to secure the most reasonable rate). Each workshop listing has a "please register by" date that takes into consideration the time at which funds must be committed.

Refund requests that reach the workshop chairman three weeks prior to the workshop date will be honored. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations after that date.

We will then continue to take registrations until the workshop has reached capacity, but without the possibility of a refund. If the workshop has a waiting list the workshop chair will be glad to put those with last minute conflicts in touch with a person on the waiting list. Medical emergencies will be given credit for a future workshop. Please note the cut off date for refunds listed in each workshop page on our web site.

Signing the registration form indicates your agreement with this policy.