Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

Clay Carnival 2017



36 openings remaining; total capacity = 100

Registration includes morning refreshments and light snacks. Please bring a sack lunch and join us for special lunch demonstrations by David Johanson of Blossom Hill Crafts. If you have signed up for a hands-on session, be sure to bring basic clay tools. 

Evening reception: 5:00-7:00 pm, Sculpture Garden hosted by Palo Alto Art Center Foundation. 

Please join us for light snacks and drinks with fellow attendees, presenters and sponsors immediately following the last session.

Julia Feld & Fred Yokel: Collaboration on Underglaze Decoration & Figurative Sculpture - Fred will build one of his figures while Julia will focus on surface decoration. 

Lynn Wood: Details Matter - Lynn will demonstrate how details matter by showing various ways to construct the same piece.  Feet, Handles and texture will be featured.

Whitney Smith & Ben Carter Panel Discussion: The Potter & Social Media - find out how to make social media work for you

Irene Jenkins & Sharon Krawetz: Ikebana - this demonstration will give you the details of constructing an ikebana arrangement.  Samples of appropriate style vases will be on display.

Ben Carter: Surface Design and Treatment (Demonstration)

Scott Jennings: Soft Slab Construction - Scott will demonstrate how he makes his soft slab functional tableware.

Whitney Smith: Getting a Handle on Handles (Demonstration)

Dan Dermer: Crystalline Glazing Primer - Dan will demonstrate all the ins and outs of crystalline glazing. Find out the best clays, forms and glaze formulations for this beautiful technique.

Hsin-Chuen: Surface Texture - Hsin will be demonstrating different surface techniques using chattering, sodium silicate and texture rollers.

Anthony Rollins: Saggar Firing Techniques - Anthony will be showing different ways to achieve some wonderful firing results

Jamie Meador: Plaster Stamps - This is a hands on workshop where Jamie will talk you through making your own plaster stamps.

David Johanson: Lunch break demo - Spray Glazing open to all registrants

OVCAG Sponsor Booths


  • Blossom Hill Crafts
  • Clay Planet
  • Higher Fire
  • Black Bean
  • Chinese Clay Art


Please contact info@ovcag.org about sponsorship opportunities.

To volunteer at this and other OVCAG events, email: workshops@ovcag.org

Location: Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA

General Fee: $60

Member Fee: $50