Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

Past Workshops

Making Clay Sing: Ceramic Musical Instruments

Andy Ruble

Sunday, February 1

Come spend a day immersed in the rich culture of clay instruments!

Andy Ruble, Director of Ceramics at Foothill College, will be leading a one-day, hands-on workshop exploring the creation of ceramic musical instruments. We will make several working instruments, including ocarinas, flutes, rattles, and pan flutes. Andy will also discuss the creation and possible assembly of horns, udu drums, and water displacement whistles.

We will be using standard ceramic construction methods (slab, coil, pinch, extrusion, and potter’s wheel) to create the parts for assemblage of the instruments. Prior ceramic knowledge is a plus, but not necessary. 

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2015 Clay Carnival

Saturday, May 9

Artists will present a wide variety of mini-workshops and panel discussions; each Clay Carnival participant can attend 4 sessions for a very reasonable fee.

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To volunteer at this and other OVCAG events, email:
Registration opens
March 30, 2015

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Clay Carnival 2017

Sunday, May 7

Registration includes morning refreshments and light snacks. Please bring a sack lunch and join us for special lunch demonstrations by David Johanson of Blossom Hill Crafts. If you have signed up for a hands-on session, be sure to bring basic clay tools. 

Evening reception: 5:00-7:00 pm, Sculpture Garden hosted by Palo Alto Art Center Foundation. 

Please join us for light snacks and drinks with fellow attendees, presenters and sponsors immediately following the last session.

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