Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

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Clay Carnival 2010

Art in Clay Show 2009

Pit Fire on the Beach 2002

First OVCAG Meeting Jan 2001

First Show at Mission City 2001

Guild Picnic August 2001

Stan Holtz Workshop April 2001

Catherine Merrill Workshop 2001

Hillview Show 2003

Pit Fire 2003

Craig Martell Workshop 2005

Bruce Bangert Workshop April 2004

Clay Carnival 2006

Olive Hyde Art Gallery 2010

Empty Bowls Soup Supper 2010

Sculpture Is Field Trip

Runnymede Field Trip 2010

For the Table Exhibit 2012

Santa Cruz Pit Fire 2012

Ultimate Teapot Workshop with George Dymesich

Art in Clay Artists 2013