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Cindy Couling

I have been working with clay for 15 years. I enjoy handbuilding in particular. It's exciting to see how my 2D work transfers into 3D work. Much like my visual journal cards, this work is deeply narrative and personal. Most of the pieces pictured are high fired to cone 10 in a gas fired kiln. I use underglazes thickly painted for the colors and a variety of high fire underglaze pens.

The clay boxes begin as a solid block of clay and are hollowed out, then carved and painted. I finish the pieces with ephemera, and embellishments of copper wire and jewelry pieces.

I also do alot of printmaking on clay surfaces. Often I will use a linoleum block I've printed on paper, then turn around and print it directly onto clay.

I enjoy capturing whimsy and pulling it into my work.

Artist's Bio:

Cindy has worked as a professional artist, illustrator and designer since 1992. She expresses her whimsical, colorful style in a variety of media including pencil crayon, block prints, ceramics, watercolor, pen and ink and whatever medium strikes her fancy. Cindy enjoys observing people and incorporating their unique expressions and personalities into her work.

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• See my work on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/LunaGraphica

• In the gallery at: Higher Fire Clay Space and Gallery

Website: www.couling.com

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