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Akio Aochi

I have been doing clay for over 30 years. I got started in clay when I signed up to take art class to satisfy my General Requirement in junior college. I got fascinated by what you could do with a chunk of clay. Since that first class, I’ve never looked back. The first cup of coffee I’ve had with a mug I made never tasted better.  It was very satisfying. I knew then that I wanted to do this for rest of my life.

I make mostly functional ware but then I do make few decorative pieces such as Raku or pit fired vases. When I am in my studio throwing, I am in my own world.  Being retired, pottery is my thing now. I also teach once a week at the Blossom Hill Craft in Los Gatos. I am having time of my life. I feel I am very fortunate.

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