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Jill Getzan

I enrolled in my first ceramics class at Fullerton State College in the 1970's, and became immediately enthralled with clay and how it moved through my hands. I have worked as a production potter, taught others how to use the potter's wheel, the hand-building process, how to Raku, and how to decorate their work with Chinese brush painting. My work has been exhibited in galleries in Texas and California. I am currently teaching at the Community School of Music and Art in Mountain View. Clay type, forms, glazes, textures and firing techniques continue to amaze me and propel me forward in the creative process. My love of clay and my creativity are contained in my pots. While striving to embody variety in my work, from time to time I will focus on a particular style. My current passion is for Raku. The Raku firing technique originated in Japan about 400 years ago, with the pot placed in a cold kiln, removed when it is red hot, and placed into a container with combustible organic materials such as newspaper or sawdust. As these materials burn from the heat of the pot, the glaze on the pot reacts to the carbon that is released to create a beautiful surface.
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