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Ken Takara

I've always enjoyed making things that can be used: software, electronics, bookcases, and (naturally) pottery. Since being disabled by a mild embolism during surgery, I turned my attention back to ceramics, relearning the craft under Tammy Burwell in Foster City.

I try to create utilitarian art: functional pottery that also looks good. The items shown here resulted from explorations into design and glaze that discovered interesting ways to say what I wanted to say, or that were intrinsically really neat and suggested other things to say.

I especially enjoy making teapots, jars, and bottles; the shapes are great for exploring variety of form, and I can decorated and glaze the surfaces in a variety of ways. The Kabuto Jar, for example, based on the ancient Japanese general's helmet, has an unglazed dragon and a hand-bent bamboo knob.

As I continue to explore, I plan to expand my vocabulary; hopefully in positive ways.

Contact Info

Address: PO BOX 146
La Honda, CA 94020

Phone: 650-747-0542

Email: ken@twilightfool.com

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