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Snezana Postic

I came to California in 2006 from Smederevo, Serbia. As a self-taught artist, my passion for sculpture began during childhood perhaps because my father was a metal worker. I loved to watch his skillful hands. My strong affinity towards the natural strength and beauty of wood inspired me to use wood as my first medium.

Later in life I discovered the enormous flexibility of sculpting with clay, and I combined woodworking technique into clay sculptures. I enjoy creating both abstract and near-realistic human forms. Much of my work is inspired by real women whose experiences as mother/wives impart their forms with a mystic power and vibrant energy. My many years of sculpting have created simple human forms and lines that evoke deep strong emotions in an imaginary world formed from wood and clay. This becomes real to the viewer, as it opens up universe of possibilities in which emotions may be explored and understood.

I hope that my work will inspire the viewer to embrace his or her own experience, and to let my sculpted figures bring them to life.


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