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Shigemi Sanders

Artist Statement:

My art works express my cultural thoughts and joy of life through creation of ceramic ware.  I strive to convey my artistic thoughts, reflecting the unique combination of my younger upbringing in Japan and current living in the Bay Area. 


My past and present art works include Raku Kimono, platters, vases, and sculpture, which I believe exemplify the beauty and cultural depths of Japan while rendering soothing colors and joyful  expressions.  The outcome in color and contrast of Raku glaze and firing is often unpredictable and yet infinitely promising. 


I have recently broadened the scope of my motifs by capturing the beauty of San Francisco landmark buildings on ceramics. These landmark buildings are illuminated with electric lights to reflect the city-like elegance at night.  For these and other ceramic lamp works, I use high-firing and matte glaze. 


My fascination with ceramics’ limitless creativity started in 1971 when I first hand-made vases and platters at a local church in Los Angeles.  Thereafter, I formally studied ceramics at Palomar College in San Diego and later at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA to master delicate techniques in throwing, glazing and firing.  For many years I have participated in numerous local art shows in the Bay Area. 

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Contact Info:

Phone:     650-637-0497

Email:        shigemi@batnet.com


Website: userwebs.batnet.com/esanders/shigemi

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