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Jamie Meador

My passion for clay lies in two areas: architectural ceramics and texture. I had the fantastic opportunity to apprentice under marni jaime for two years in santa cruz, ca. I assisted her with large garden art objects, floors, sinks, and fireplaces. I was amazed at the sheer size of these clay projects. I think one of the largest fireplaces requiredtwo tons of clay. Before that I had spent several years at Joanne Brice's Blossom Hill Crafts where I was first introduced to clay under the capable hands of Eileen Wolk. While working with Marni, my work transitioned from wheel thrown items to mostly slab. I find slab allows me much more experimentation with texture.

What excites me about texture is the ability to combine items to make something completely new. Almost everything I see is evaluated for its impression value now. I use a variety of items in my work from nature to man made items. From time to time I also teach classes on double sided textured bowls and tray, mold making, and stamp creation.

Contact Info

Address: 6474 MoJave Dr
San Jose, CA 95120

Phone: 408 396-2351

Email: jamie.meador@gmail.com

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