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Miki Rutter

Miki Shim-Rutter studied fine arts in ceramics and textiles at Northern Illinois University, finishing her BA in Communication Design at Ray College of Design in Chicago.  She followed her education with a 20-year professional career in graphic and advertising/marketing design. Since 2009, she renewed her passion for clay, relocated to SF Bay Area in 2012 and returned to ceramics full time at her home studio in Redwood Shores and Palo Alto Art Center in Palo Alto, California.

Rutter is the Events and Workshops coordinator at the Palo Alto Art Center-Adult Studios, serves on the board of directors of Association of Clay and Glass Artist of California (ACGA) and Workshops Chairperson on the board of Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild (OVCAG). Miki shows her work though regional, national and international exhibition and festival venues and an active contributor on PeriscopeLive, Facebook and Instagram: @2FrogsStudios. www.2FrogsCeramics.com 


Working with clay has truly been a life changing experience. It once used to be a field of study in college, but now a destination to relieve stress, find sanctuary and explore forms, spectrum colors and textures. In many ways, pottery mimics life. It is a collaborative effort between my will and the clay’s. Each time I set the clay in front of me, the end result isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but a better version.


My functional work is about beauty and aesthetics. These pieces work hard to serve everyday, but when it is idle, it must also serve to please the eye and be held and adored. This is where the forms, colors and textures come to play.

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