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Matthaus Lam

Matthaus is an 18-year-old autistic boy, who is passionate about sculpture making. At age 5, Matthaus started showing interest in sculpting via Play-Doh; he was able to morph the Play-Doh into animals, like ducks and elephants, without looking.  At age 7, Matthaus started sculpting with clay and won his first blue ribbon at the Millbrae Art Festival.  By age 9, he was making all kinds of animals and imaginary creatures using paper, tissue paper, paper towels, plants, and even food.  While Matthaus continued to make art with clay and paper, he moved on to using tin foil because it is more durable than paper but flexible enough to “roam” around in his imaginary world.  He has a special talent turning 2D pictures into 3D objects; he can make simple objects in just a few seconds and amazing creatures in minutes.  He enjoys making paper art and giving them away to children and even strangers, especially to cheer them up.  At school, he collects eraser crumbs during class and kneads them into lively animals and characters. He started using recycled erasers to prototype objects before making them in foil.  He continues to sculpt in clay, foil, Sculpey and paper towel, and his creation ranges from animals, bugs, dinosaurs, pre-historic beasts, human, to imaginary creatures of all sorts.

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