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Eric (Rick) Herzenberg

Hello This Is Eric:

I work for my self. and own my Bussiness It Is Called Ricks Pottery Creations. What i want to get out of Working with The Guild is learning how to sell and market my pottery. I have ben dueing pottery for at leat 35+ years on and off. I am taking classes at the palo alto Art Center on tuseday Mornings. I also work with my instructor Brent Johnson on thursdays. and the rest of the week I work at my mothers house on the stanford Campuss. I have learnd a lot from my instructor working with him one on one at his studio in freemont. I have also work out an great friend ship with as well as working with in in class.

  I met brent in one of his classes and was allway asking andd video taping his demintrations. I think I was the one that showed instrest in what he was doing all the time in class and out of class as well. Then I oud Out that I was the best student that he had in class. so he started to show me all the thing I would need to suceed as being an potter. I started realy like potter in school. I beleve I was in  the 5th  When tooo my first Pottery class. I comtinued my pottery fore most of my child hood life.

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I am Planing to have enough pieces the Novenberg show in the holidays to come

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