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Anita Bora

My interest in clay began when I started a venture to showcase ceramic artists and potters. However, once I did an introductory hobby course, I began to get quite interested in it. Like most people who start off with clay will attest - it has a way of drawing you in!

Besides the form, which does take years and years to perfect, I am also interested in the concept of a surface as a canvas. It's through an artist's marks, touch and fingerprints that an everyday object is transformed into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. I enjoy experimenting with slips, underglazes, sgraffito, carving, inlay and other surface decoration techniques and find great joy in something that comes out exactly the way I envisoned - which still is not very often! 

I am excited to be on this long journey of learning, discovery and continuous improvement. I take any opportunity I can to learn from some of the artists we are so lucky to have in the Bay area - Dan Dermer, Jamie Meador, Elaine Pinkernell, Linda Mau and Bruno Kirk amongst others. I also completed a 2 week intensive course at Penland in 2016, learning with Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor. 

Besides taking on the role of Vice Chairperson of OVCAG, I am also closely involved with the Silicon Valley Open Studios as a volunteer. My work can also be found at Gallery House, Palo Alto, which is a fine arts gallery, independently run by the member artists. 

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