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Regular Membership: The fee is $45 per year.

Student Membership: Full-time students 16 and over in High School or a Full Time Program at a College or University, pay a reduced rate of $35. You must provide a scan of your student card in order to qualify for the discount. (You will be asked for this later if it's not provided.) Email to: for approval.

Senior Membership: Seniors 60 and over pay a reduced rate of $35. Please include your birthdate on the form. If it's not provided, you will be asked for it.

A mailed copy and online access to our quarterly publication of Greenware is included in your membership, as well as the other benefits as outlined on our membership page.

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(1) OVCAG is a volunteer organization. We have a variety of committees that work on projects throughout the year. Please indicate which committee you'd like to work with (feel free to check more than one). Our Guild's success and continued operation depend on Volunteers. Volunteering in some form is highly recommended and strongly urged. Even volunteering for a small task is incredibly helpful to the group! It's also a great way to meet other members. A committee chair will be in contact with you to see how your skills can benefit our organization:

 sales  hospitality/social functions  communication  education/workshops/presentations
 events and field trips  PR  exhibits  photography/videography
 Any committee that needs my help!


(2) How many years have you been working in Ceramics?

1-5 years 5-10 years more than 10 years


(3) Your involvement/interest in ceramics is:

to have a creative outlet and give as gifts to sell occasionally to offset cost of my hobby to get into gallery shows and exhibitions
to make a living as a ceramic artist and/or as educator to support the artists: gallery owner / studio owner / curator / retailer / supplier


(4) Where do you practice your clay work?

Classes at: Studio membership at:
Home Studio Rented Space Shared Space  


(5) Do you sell your work? If so, where?

Open studio Craft fairs Galleries Retail shops
Cooperative Commissions Website/Etsy Direct Studio Sales


(6) What social media or websites do you use to communicate with your customers and or other artists?


(7) Indicate topics that would interest you for future workshops, demos, or presentations:

Photographing, Selling and marketing my work Setting up/enhancing a home studio Glaze basics and tips Surface decoration techniques
Throwing BIG Sculpture techniques Altered forms: wheel, handbuild, extrusions Alternate firing techniques: raku, pit, wood, saggar
Multi cultural inspirations: Asian, Native American, Ikebana Creating glazes  Other:


(8) What other skills and experience have you acquired that you may offer the Guild?

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